Today, Congressman Michael McCaul (TX-10) and the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) announced the Election Protection Project. McCaul and TPPF’s Executive Director Kevin Roberts gave the following statement after the announcement of the project:

“The United States is a beacon of hope and sets the standard of democracy for those around the world. As Americans, we should have full faith in our electoral process. The 2020 election has highlighted several areas in which the administration of our elections can be improved. The American people deserve a process that is transparent, secure, and efficient. The Constitution vests authority to administer elections in the states. The goal of the Election Protection Project will be to promote best practices to combat voter fraud and protect legitimate votes.”

In a separate statement McCaul added:

“I am proud to be leading this important effort in Congress. It is my hope that with further investigation and legislative reform, we can have confidence in an election system. Improvements must be made so the United States can continue to set the standard of how to hold democratic elections.”

McCaul and officials from TPPF will be working with state officials and organizations to propose legislative measures to enhance and bolster the security and integrity of our nation’s election system. Below are the areas McCaul seeks to address with the support of TPPF:

  • Protecting voting rights by ensuring proper identification is provided to cast a vote in-person and by mail
  • Strengthening the security of vote-by-mail ballots to make certain each American’s vote is properly counted
  • Encouraging a better path of communication between state and county officials
  • Supporting the states in identifying their existing voters