AUSTIN –Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Karen Lugo, Director of the Center for Tenth Amendment Action, shared her thoughts on state sovereignty in a Washington Examiner op-ed titled: Fighting the good fight for federalism and the 10th Amendment.

“The 10th Amendment has not been nullified just because the federal government chooses to ignore it,” Lugo stated, “It’s a powerful right that recognizes the individuality of each state, and ensures our freedom to create our own records of success or failure. In Texas, we’re fighting for the right of businesses and families to write their own scripts. Every time the federal government extends an enticing offer of funding, the states should be wary. That money isn’t free—it comes with the price-tag of doing the Federal Government’s bidding.”

“That’s the real work of policy centers like CTAA: to inform the public on the consequences of taking this federal money, and to fortify states that choose not to take the bait,” Lugo continued. “We’ve got to change the thinking here: the 10th Amendment means that power resides in the states if not strictly enumerated as a federal government power or if not explicitly delegated by a state to the federal government. We’ve got to stop thinking that every situation needs federal intervention, or that every problem has a federal-level solution.

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