AUSTIN –  Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Director of the Center for Higher Education Dr. Thomas Lindsay authored the RealClearPolicy article "Harvard's Chickens Come Home to Roost?" It was the “most read” piece of the day on March 18th. The article discusses the case of a Harvard Crimson author who calls for an end to academic freedom, and ties it to a general laxity in standards at Harvard and other eminent institutions of higher education.

       "Harvard is taking flak,” writes Lindsay, “First, The Harvard Crimson reported that the median grade for undergraduates is an A-, with an A being the most common grade awarded. Next, the Crimson's Sandra Korn, a humanities student, wrote an article disparaging the ‘liberal obsession with 'academic freedom,’for which she has received withering criticism.

       "Korn's critics are misdirecting much of their ire. Hers is not an act of anti-intellectual rebellion. It is not rebellion at all. She merely advocates what is taught in too many humanities classes. And not only Harvard's."

Dr. Lindsay’s essay was further noted in a recent Atlanta Journal-Constitution article, “Are students avoiding STEM courses because the grading is tougher than English or history classes?

The RealClearPolicy article by Dr. Lindsay can be read in its entirety here:

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution piece may be read here:


Dr. Thomas Lindsay is the Director of the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Center for Higher Education. 

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