Tonight, Alice Marie Johnson, a Senior Fellow for the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Right on Crime project, will be in the national spotlight as she tells her story.

In 1996, Alice received a mandatory life sentence plus 25 years without the possibility of parole for her role in a nonviolent federal drug case. It was her first and only conviction. In 2018, President Trump granted her clemency, allowing her to reunite with her family and to become an effective advocate of criminal justice reform.

“Alice’s personal story of redemption and release, of losing her way and then finding her faith and a higher purpose, should remind us all of the better angels of our natures,” says TPPF Executive Director Kevin Roberts. “Right now, the loudest and angriest voices are getting attention. We hear calls only to tear down, not build up or build upon our most cherished—and necessary—institutions. Tonight, Alice’s quieter voice will take the stage. I believe our nation is tired of the vitriol and is ready to hear her words of peace and mercy and justice.”