Earlier today, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) announced that its new local government initiative—the American City-County Exchange (ACCE)—will debut at the organization’s annual meeting in Dallas later this year.

Here’s more on ACCE:

The American City County Exchange (ACCE) is America’s fastest-growing volunteer membership organization of policymakers from villages, towns, cities and counties. ACCE works with local officials to promote efficiency and minimize waste by implementing limited government, free market solutions.

In municipalities across America, people debate to find the best policy solutions, but the free market perspective is often left by the wayside. Working together, ACCE members exchange ideas, learn from others’ challenges and evaluate how free market policies work when applied to local governments.

ALEC’s new local government initiative is a most welcome addition to the great public policy debate happening in the nation today. The organization not only promises to be a grand marketplace of ideas, but it will also serve as a platform around which conservative local officials and public policy professionals can coalesce and build lasting relationships. 

And it’ is only fitting that such a promising free-market organization makes its debut in the great State of Texas, where the concepts of liberty, personal responsibility, and free enterprise have been so successfully applied.