AUSTIN – On Friday, a decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit for the State of Texas cited the TPPF Dalton Trucking v. EPA lawsuit as a precedent for its decision. 

TPPF's Ted Hadzi-Antich, senior attorney in the Center for the American Future offered the following statement.

“We are happy that the precedent in TPPF’s Dalton Trucking case was cited by the 5th Circuit in today’s win for the State of Texas in keeping its legal challenge to EPA’s unnecessary sulfur dioxide air emissions standard in the regional 5th Circuit federal court as opposed to transferring to the D.C. Circuit.  In the underlying TPPF case of Dalton Trucking v. EPA, the D.C. Circuit established the jurisdictional/venue precedent that purely regional air issues should be decided by federal courts with jurisdiction over the affected regions and not in the District of Columbia, which is far removed from regional concerns.  This is a victory not only for the State of Texas but for all liberty-loving people who want to lessen the power of the denizens of Washington, D.C.”
You can learn more about the Dalton Trucking case here

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Ted Hadzi-Antich is a senior attorney with the Center for the American Future at Texas Public Policy Foundation.

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