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TPPF: HB 769 Will Limit Excessive Superintendent Severance Packages

AUSTIN— This evening, the Texas House preliminarily passed House Bill 769, which would place certain restrictions on severance payments made to school superintendents. One proposal, added via an amendment, would prohibit both open-enrollment charter schools and school districts from making a severance payment to the chief executive in excess of one year’s salary. “Six-figure severance payments are an...

Press Release May 9, 2019

TPPF: The Use of Taxpayer Dollars to Fund Union Costs Undermines Free-Speech Rights

AUSTIN—Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation published the policy perspective, Vindicating Texans’ Free Speech Rights Under Janus. “Last year, the U.S. Supreme Court found that elected officials infringe on public employees’ First Amendment rights when they force them as a job condition to allow a third party—a labor union—to speak for them on workplace matters and infringe...

Press Release May 9, 2019

TPPF: Adopt Performance-Based Probation Programs to Decrease Prison Populations

AUSTIN—Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Center for Effective Justice published the policy perspective Results-Oriented Solutions for Probation Funding. “While overcrowding in prisons and jails receive the lion’s share of scrutiny from the reform-minded, it is actually those in community supervision that form the largest population in most corrections systems,” said Michael Haugen, policy analyst with...

Press Release May 7, 2019