A new poll from UT/Texas Politics Project shows significant support for school choice among Texans. A clear majority, 51%, say they support “establishing a voucher, educational savings account (ESA), or other ‘school choice’ program in Texas,” while just 30% oppose and 19% had no opinion. The crosstabs reveal some other interesting data:

  • 46% of rural Texans support school choice, while only 28% oppose.
  • A full third, 33%, of Democrats support school choice, including 32% of “strong Democrats.”
  • 54% of Blacks and 43% of Hispanics support school choice.

When asked if school choice “would have a positive impact, negative impact, or no impact on …the quality of the public school system in Texas,” 49% said positive and 29% said negative.

  • 45% of rural Texans said positive to 27% that said negative.
  • 54% of Blacks and 45% of Hispanics said it would have a positive impact.

As the legislature is in a hot debate over school choice and ESAs, the poll shows overwhelmingly and consistently that Texans support empowering parents with ability to choose the best education for their child.