Yesterday, the Foundation released a new poll of 800+ registered voters, conducted by WPA Intelligence between Feb. 2 – 4, 2021, that asked Texans whether local governments should spend tax money to hire lobbyists. The poll’s findings mirror results from a similar survey conducted in 2019.

Here’s the major takeaway:

  • Texans overwhelmingly oppose allowing tax dollars to fund lobbyists, with 86% saying the practice should end and only 7% who believe it should stay.

That’s right, about 9 in 10 Texans oppose tax dollars going to lobbyists. The huge margin speaks volumes, though it’s not terribly surprising considering that the publicly-funded practice enables higher taxes, more spending, and bigger government. Texans want their tax dollars to go toward police and potholes, not well-heeled lobbyists.

It’s good to see that, even in today’s trying times, there are still some issues that everyone can agree on. Like putting a stop to using tax dollars to fund lobbyists.