This isn’t mercy—and it’s far from justice. Criminal cartels have been empowered by the Biden administration to extort, brutalize and even murder migrant families on their journeys to the southern U.S. border. TPPF’s Ken Oliver accompanied members of Congress to the border last month. They saw evidence of the sophistication of the criminal cartels that find migrants to be even more lucrative—and less dangerous—than drugs, and listened to the heartbroken landowners on the border who often find the weak, the injured, the raped and the murdered along the trails leading north.

The coyotes are fast—it takes just seconds to cross the Rio Grande and dump their victims on the other side. If Border Patrol gets too close, they can always throw a woman or a child into the river—forcing officers to initiate a rescue instead of an arrest. The Biden administration bears the responsibility for this crisis—it dismantled the tools, practices and procedures that had stemmed the tide of illegal immigration under President Trump.

We must confront this crisis, and that begins by securing the border. We must enforce rules against invalid asylum claims, end catch-and-release practices and reinstate the practices that were working before. Lives depend upon this.

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