Right on Health Care is an initiative to ensure every American is in charge of their own individual or family medical decisions. When the insurance companies and the government are in control, the result is always higher costs, less access, lower quality, and worse results. To develop an effective system that prioritizes the needs of patients, Right on Health Care is committed to the following principles:

→ Individuals and families should control their own health care decisions.

→ Patients should know what medical services cost before they are performed.

→ Health insurance should return to helping Americans manage long-term and emergency health risks, not act as pre-pay plans for medical care.

→ Americans should have access to a wide variety of options to cover medical expenses that meet their personal and financial needs.

Putting Americans in control means patients make better choices that result in high quality, affordable care.  Right on Health Care is committed to empowering patients through public policy reforms that offer more transparency, choice, and peace of mind. Americans deserve a health care system that is focused on quality of care, encourages healthier outcomes, and ensures individuals and families have the options that work for them.

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