Results-Based K-12, Higher Education, and Workforce Development Solutions 

The Next Generation Texas campaign agenda focuses on preparing Texans to become self-sufficient, prosperous citizens through access to a quality educationabundant job opportunities, and skills development and training.   

  • Put parents in control of their child’s education. Parents should be the ultimate decision maker when it comes to the best education for their child. To empower parents, Texas should make school curriculums transparent and demand school officials treat parents’ legitimate concerns with respect. Texas must hold its education system accountable for the quality of the education it provides and remove the barriers that limit where parents can choose to send their kids to school.
  • Expand charter schools.  Charter schools offer educational alternatives to students and professional alternatives to teachers, raise the academic achievement of surrounding schools, and effectively educate students from a diverse array of backgrounds. Texas should increase the number of qualified new charter school operators and expand educational models that are serving students well.
  • Align funding for technical training with career outcomes. Texas should get better value for the money it spends on career and technical education by retooling systems and programs to incentivize outcomes-based funding.
  • Improve post-secondary education affordability. Texas should ensure that students have access to a high-quality and affordable post secondary education through specific reforms, such as implementing transparency measures to allow for more informed decision making, reducing administrative bloat, and holding institutions accountable for overpriced degrees and certificates.
  • Improve higher education accreditation. The current accreditation system fails to provide meaningful information to the public, fails to enforce adequate college quality, and suppresses innovation in higher education. The country and Texas should transition to a system that provides students and parents with more reliable information about college quality and provides colleges with better incentives to pursue continuous improvement.