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Vance Ginn, Director, Center for Economic Prosperity & Senior Economist

Vance Ginn, Ph.D., is director of the Center for Economic Prosperity and senior economist at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, one of the nation’s premier free-market think tanks.

Dr. Ginn is a leading free-market economist and former university lecturer who was honored with the “Champion of Freedom” award from Grassroots America—We The People. He is passionate about finding ways to let people prosper in Texas and beyond through sound research on the benefits of restraining government spending, cutting and ending taxes, and eliminating government barriers to competition.

He is a first-generation college graduate and earned his doctorate in economics from Texas Tech University. He gives keynote speeches, appears in major media outlets, publishes papers in top-ranked academic journals, writes policy research on critical issues, and works to turn papers into policy.

Dr. Ginn and his family reside in Round Rock, Texas. He is a drummer who played for a top rock band in Houston. Follow him on Twitter @VanceGinn

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