The Facts

* Education is still primarily delivered through an assembly line institutional system designed over a century ago.

* Many school administrators oppose expansion of student and teacher choice due to self-interest.

* Educators are professionals who are not given the same opportunities as other professionals.

* Many great teachers leave the profession with frustration.

* According to NEA polls, teachers are not feeling trusted or respected by their administrators. 

* Restricting supply side change has protected the status quo at the expense of Texas students, taxpayers, and teachers.

* Artificial restrictions on the number of Open Enrollment Charter Schools prohibit many students from exercising their freedom of educational opportunity. Over 100,000 children are on charter school waiting lists. 


* Amend the charter school laws to allow teachers to form Professional Charter Academies, giving them the respect that they have requested. 

* Implement Universal Charters so that every Texas student has the option to select a better school. 

* Remove the artificial cap limiting the number of Open Enrollment Charter Schools and otherwise allow for supply side change.

* Lower the restrictions on charters to allow market forces to shape standards.