Alarms go off. It’s 4 a.m. and work hasn’t even started yet. The Texas Public Policy Foundation film team is on set and ready to continue making history. With a film department of just two people and a nonprofit budget we make fiscal responsibility look good.

TPPF was founded by Dr. Jim Leininger and Fritz Steiger in 1989 “with a spirit forged in 1836,” and our staff takes that spirit to heart. As we approach our 30th anniversary—now with a staff of over 100 employees across six different states—we fight for Liberty at Every Level by promoting free enterprise, liberty, and personal responsibility (and also having some fun).

TPPF has been producing short- and long-form videos for more than 10 years to promote our research and our events, but with this being a significant milestone for the foundation, there was a no-holds-barred attitude and everyone stepped up to make the video our best one yet.

“With a little bit of time and with a little bit of effort and quality resources you can come up with something that’s pretty special.”  — Stephen Robinson, Writer and Director

“This is one of our best videos so far, both from a cinematic standpoint and the overall narrative on who TPPF is—and why we matter. Not everyone knows what we do here, and this is our way of sharing our message and sharing our passions.” — Alex Billups, Production Manager

TPPF is the largest and most successful state-based policy think tank in the country. Not everyone knows our policy wins and not everyone knows the years of work that go into making a difference in the conservative movement.  But all Texans have felt our impact; whether it’s access to health care (tort reform and other measures) or more freedom to practice their trades and live their lives (regulatory reform).

“This project was groundbreaking in regard to us stepping up the quality and professionalism of our videos. The logistics behind the movement and camera angles created video quality that you’d see in a cinema. It was a lot of work, but it is always rewarding to work with the TPPF team and it’s exciting to see them grow as a foundation.” — Alex Quintana, Director of Photography

Editor’s Note: The short film will be released on October 5, 2019. We will add the link to this blog post at that time.