Earlier this year, the Texas Public Policy Foundation published a video that highlighted the woke indoctrination that’s going in in Texas schools—even, and especially, in rural Texas. I’m sad to say that in the short time since we published that video, we’ve uncovered more than enough additional evidence of indoctrination to publish another video—or two.

The next example comes out of Charlotte, Texas. Charlotte is a small town 45 miles south of San Antonio. It’s a town of only 1,524 people according to the 2020 census, and last year the school district—Charlotte ISD—enrolled only 433 students.

And yet, in this tiny town, the woke agenda item of identity politics is rearing its ugly head.

Chaya Raichik, also known as Libs of TikTok, broke the story last week: Charlotte ISD’s district counseling page is directing students towards LGBTQ+ chatrooms that contain a “quick escape” button to hide activity from their parents. These chatrooms are not monitored by mental health professionals and are designed to “affirm” youths aged 13-19 in their “gender identity.”

Charlotte ISD’s page directs parents to resources that encourage parents and doctors to affirm trans-identifying children despite evidence that this does far more harm than good.

You can see even more of the craziness on the story’s page.

This is happening everywhere, to everyone. Every day, more and more reports come in of our kids being exposed to gender ideology, divisive racial lessons, identity politics, and so many more harms. Schools should be focused on the basics, like reading and math, not on pushing a political or social viewpoint. This focus on social issues is especially concerning considering that 60% of students cannot do math at grade level and nearly 50% cannot read at grade level.

But the administrators and teachers that have been brought up in the progressive environment of our leftist colleges, and the education establishment can’t help itself from focusing on ideology. And, with many parents unable to afford or not lucky enough to get into an alternative education option, students are stuck in schools with administrators that are too busy pushing a social agenda to worry about basic learning.

How do we fix this? Choice.

Parents deserve transparency, to know what their kids are learning.

They deserve a high-quality education—because that’s the basic building block of our education system.

They deserve respect, since they have the ultimate good of their children in mind.

And if they can’t get that, they deserve a choice—to move from a school that’s not meeting their needs or is focused on a social agenda rather than education.

Right now, school administrators don’t have to listen to parents. As a superintendent told a mom in Tyler: “What are you going to do?” These administrators know that, right now, no matter how upset a parent might be about what’s going on, there’s nothing they can do. The students are trapped.

Choice frees us from this trap. It gives a voice to push back. The administrators won’t be able to ask us, “what are you going to do?” Instead, they’ll have to listen—or we’ll leave.

Choice makes the system better for everyone, every parent, no matter their needs, their socio-economic status, or the color of their skin. It improves the system for all.

Stand with me. Stand with millions of parents across the state of Texas. Stand for choice.

To learn more or to get involved, please visit txparentsmatter.com.