The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that telemedicine can provide affordable healthcare access to rural communities & those who cannot visit a doctor’s office.

Texas should continue to support policies in telemedicine that allow unfettered competition and expand consumer choice.

The Facts

  • Since 2017, the telemedicine market has been able to operate more freely and has been defined in statute.
  • A common issue seen in Texas’s Medicaid population is difficulties getting to medical appointments, even with the rideshare option. Knowledge of the existing telemedicine option can increase access to appointments for this population.
  • An average telemedicine encounter costs $79, compared to $146 for an equivalent in-office doctor visit. Utilizing tele­medicine can save patients approximately $1,500 from an unnecessary emergency room visit.
  • Telemedicine makes accessing healthcare more convenient and affordable for all Texans, especially rural, disabled, and elderly populations.

Support telemedicine now!

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