William F. Buckley, Jr., one of the most instrumental figures in the modern conservative movement, passed away last night at his home in Connecticut.

Through his individual writings and television appearances, his creation of National Review, his staunch advocacy for Sen. Barry Goldwater’s presidential campaign, and his role in the founding of Young Americans for Freedom (out of which sprang today’s Young Conservatives of Texas), Buckley helped to develop not only the ideas that brought America “Up from Liberalism,” but key pieces of the infrastructure that persuaded so many of us to embrace those ideas.

We at the Texas Public Policy Foundation are saddened by Buckley’s passing, but grateful for the legacy that he left. William F. Buckley, Jr., stoked and carried the torch of freedom and liberty for the last half-century, showing that one person can make a tremendous difference in the advancement of those ideals. The Texas Public Policy Foundation will continue that work through our research and activities. Our prayers are with Buckley’s family, friends, and colleagues.

– David Guenthner