On Saturday, voters will decide the fate of 291 separate bond propositions that could add as much as $30 billion in new debt (principal only) to Texas’ already substantial burden. As The Texan reported late last year, local government debt totaled $417 billion in 2022, which “represents roughly $14,000 in debt per resident of Texas, as of the latest Census.”

For those familiar with the Foundation’s previous work, it may come as no surprise to learn that school districts are the ones propositioning voters for most of the borrowing. In fact, of the top 10 largest bond propositions being pitched this May, all of them come courtesy of ISDs.

Which school districts specifically? To answer that question, let’s use the Texas Bond Review Board’s searchable database. It shows the following:

So if you live in or around these districts, be sure to take part in the democratic process and let your voice be heard this Saturday—whether it be for or against a particular proposition. There are some big decisions to be made.