Since spring 2020, anecdotal reports indicate large enrollment shifts across Texas. This brief summarizes 10-year enrollment trends in public, private, and homeschooling settings.

Key points:

  • Enrollment shifts in the 2020–21 school year are the largest on record and differ sharply from the previous decade.
  • District students have transferred at unprecedented rates: the highest rate into home school, the next highest rate into charter schools, and the third highest rate into private schools.
  • Because of statutory barriers, actual enrollment in charter, private, and home school settings is lower than family preferences, as illustrated in Figure 6.
  • Supplemental spreadsheets available for download offer insight into student enrollment trends statewide, in metro areas, legislative districts, and for virtual instruction.

Sheet 1: Statewide Student Enrollment

Sheet 2: Metro Area Student Enrollment

Sheet 3: Legislative District Student Enrollment

Sheet 4: Virtual Enrollment

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