Last week, the Reason Foundation released a video advocating for the repeal of legislation that makes it a crime to sell organs. In the video, Drew Carey sums it all up when he says, “I know it sounds really ghoulish, really icky, but they’re your kidneys and it really helps people in need, so if you want to sell one…why not?”

USA Today reports that patients needing a transplant are more likely to die on the waiting list than to ever receive the much-needed organ and despite national campaigns encouraging individuals to become organ donors, over 6,000 people die every year waiting for an organ transplant.

That boils down to 18 people that die everyday waiting for a transplant; the time has long passed to try something new. So, even though the notion of organ sales is “really icky”, the simple fact is, it’s your organ to do with as you please and with over 90,000 patients waiting on a life saving transplant, there should be plenty of demand.

So, if you want to save a life, and maybe make a little money too, why should the government stop you?

– Kalese Hammonds