Whenever anyone asks me what I do for a living, and I tell them I work for a think tank, I usually get one of three responses: a blank stare, something to the effect of “What does that mean?” or “Cool” (which means, “You lost me at policy, so let’s just move on.”). So let me explain what it is we do.

The Texas Public Policy Foundation is a free-market think tank. If you propose a policy, we don’t care what party you belong to. We care about the details of your policy and its implications for our state and country. Specifically, is your policy a smart choice for society at large, from a cost-benefit perspective?

We research. We write. We speak. We believe in free markets and free people, in competition, in limited government, in private property rights, in individual liberty, and in personal responsibility. These are the principles we champion. It’s really that simple.

– Drew Thornley