Now that the elections are over, Texas state lawmakers are turning their attention to another, more pressing matter: the state budget. By most accounts, the state is facing a projected budget shortfall that could range as high as $15 billion next session and lawmakers are abuzz about the state’s fiscal future. Here are just a few things being said in and around the Capitol.

On handling the shortfall:”In 2003, there was a $10 billion budget shortfall. We addressed that. We reduced our spending, and filled that $10 billion gap without raising taxes. We’re going to do the same thing this time.”~ Gov. Rick Perry

On spending: “If there’s any message out of [the] election, it’s that people want state and federal government to live within their means.” ~ Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst

On taxes: “We must not raise taxes.” ~ House Speaker Joe Straus

On writing the budget: “We need to rebuild our budget from scratch, from the ground up.” ~ Sen. Kirk Watson

Though the budget is far from written, lawmakers seem to be saying all the right things when it comes to government spending and taxes. Let’s hope they stay true to their ideas come January.

– James Quintero