AUSTIN – Brooke Rollins, president and CEO of the Texas Public Policy Foundation issued this statement on the passing of former Foundation Board member Vance Miller: 

“When I assumed the presidency of the Texas Public Policy Foundation in 2003, Vance Miller had been on its Board for three years already — and much of the foundation laid for our subsequent success was the work of his hands. Vance remained on the Foundation Board for another nine years, and when he left after a dozen years of selfless service, we knew we could find someone to succeed him — but never someone to replace him.

“Vance Miller’s life was a testament to the promise of America and the vitality of Texas. His brand of entrepreneurship — and the flourishing of his life’s work — proved liberty’s case. He understood that: and it’s why he devoted himself to keeping Texas free, so future generations would have the same opportunity he did. As his friends and loved ones put him to rest, the Texas Public Policy Foundation is privileged to report that his work — and his spirit — live on. 

“We remember Vance Miller with gratitude: because we carry on his cause with his example to guide us.”


Brooke L. Rollins is president and CEO of the Texas Public Policy Foundation.


The Texas Public Policy Foundation is a non-profit, free-market research institute based in Austin.