The Texas Annexation Right to Vote Act’s protections against forced annexation should be extended to every corner of the state—not just to Texans residing in the largest counties.

Key points:

  • Texas has periodically revised its annexation laws in light of the controversy, but the Texas Annexation Right to Vote Act is the first significant curtailment of forced annexation.
  • The new law requires tier 2 municipalities to obtain consent through election or petition before annexation.
  • Texas ought to extend the new law’s protections against forced annexation to every Texan, regardless of where they reside.
  • In the near term, registered voters can achieve this by petitioning every non-affected county to hold an election to be classified as a tier 2 county under the new annexation law.
  • In the long term, state legislators can amend the Texas Annexation Right to Vote Act to prohibit any forced annexation by any city.

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