The Liberty Action Agenda is a set of critical reforms that must be made to promote and defend liberty, personal responsibility, and free enterprise in Texas. To ensure the flourishing of Texans during the next quarter-century, we must work now toward these bold policy proposals that embody the Texas ideal.   

  1. Put parents in control of their child’s education. Parents should be the ultimate decision maker when it comes to the best education for their child. To empower parents, Texas should make school curriculums transparent and demand school officials treat parents’ legitimate concerns with respect. Texas must hold its education system accountable for the quality of the education it provides and remove the barriers that limit where parents can choose to send their kids to school.
  2. Eliminate property taxes. Texas can eliminate property taxes by phasing in a buydown using surplus state revenue and redesigning the system to raise revenue with a broader sales tax base.
  3. Lower spending. The state budget should not grow faster than Texans’ ability to pay for it. Texas should limit the total budget’s growth to a maximum rate of population growth plus inflation, and then lower it so that we can keep spending in check and return excess funds to taxpayers.
  4. Prohibit tax dollars from funding lobbyists. The Texas Legislature should ban the practice to ensure that Texans do not fund the special interests that work against the taxpayers’ interests.
  5. Secure the integrity of election results. Texas should continue to improve its system for collecting and counting votes to ensure only legal votes are accepted, fundamental democratic rights are protected, and violations of election law are fully prosecuted.
  6. Better serve children and families within the foster system. Ensuring that no Texas child enters foster care without a safe, supportive home to go to will require the legislature to reform standards governing the licensing and oversight of community-based foster care service providers.
  7. Guarantee Texas has access to reliable, affordable energy. Texas can secure the reliability of the electric grid by codifying a strong “firming requirement” that requires electric generators to guarantee a certain amount of power. Texas should protect ratepayers by exercising sole regulatory authority over greenhouse gas emissions to preempt municipal overreach and protect Texans’ pocketbooks from activist city councils.
  8. Protect constitutional rights and improve public safety. To keep Texas a beacon of freedom, the state should raise the burden of proof in civil asset forfeiture proceedings, respect individual rights in grand jury proceedings, and allow judges the ability to deny bail when there is a serious threat to the public.
  9. Conduct state agency efficiency audits. Efficiency audits are deep investigations that determine whether taxpayer dollars spent by the agency are achieving desired outcomes. Texas should require that every state agency undergo a regular efficiency audit to improve services provided to Texans while reducing waste and saving taxpayer dollars.
  10. Give patients pricing information prior to scheduled services. Texas should make it mandatory for medical providers to give patients the price for non-emergency procedures and treatments before performing them.

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