This morning, the TODAY Show highlighted two competitive forces evolving in the health care industry: one, a familiar throw back to America’s golden years; the second, an innovative use of today’s technology.

Dr. Jordan Schlain, a general physician in San Francisco, has responded to patients that are “sick and tired of the run around at the doctor’s office. I think that what America’s ready for is value. They’re looking for their doctor back.”

With that in mind, Dr. Schlain has returned to consulting with patients at their homes. Rather than rushing them through his office in 10 minutes, he often spends more than 30 minutes with each patient and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Similarly, Dr. Howard Stark has met his patients’ demands for convenience and flexibility by taking his practice online. “With just the click of a mouse, patients can communicate with Dr. Stark about what ails them, seeking his advice on just about everything.” Dr. Stark requires an annual office visit, but the online consultations are free of charge to all of his patients.

Despite government regulations that have attempted to snuff out innovative developments in health care delivery, the competitive nature of providers and the market continue to shape the industry to better meet the needs of consumers. Here’s hoping that the government doesn’t come along and implement new regulations that will derail the convenience driven health care that has evolved from consumer demands and provider competition.

– Kalese Hammonds