More than 700 CEOs from around the nation agree: Texas is the best state for business. Again.

For the ninth consecutive year, Chief Executive magazine’s annual Best & Worst Statessurvey ranked Texas as the top state to do business, giving the state particular praise for its “business climate, employee work ethics and living environment.”

For those familiar with the Texas Model of governance-low taxes and spending, predictable regulatory climate, and a sound civil justice system-it’s been this public policy philosophy that’s really been the lynchpin of Texas’ success.

“This year’s rankings prove that smart policies result in increased investments, jobs and greater overall economic activity,” said Marshall Cooper, CEO of Chief Executive magazine and

Not surprisingly, CEOs ranked California as the worst state for business, remarking that: “You cannot sustain economic strength with power only generated by wind farms and people working in fast food restaurants. Unless we all want to retreat to life in caves, you need power you can count on when the wind doesn’t blow and employment in businesses that produce both products of true value and wealth for their workforce.”