The latest round of employment statistics was just released and, once again, the data shows Texas on top when it comes to job creation in the largest states.

According to the new data, Texas created 27,900 net new jobs for the month of February, the largest amount of any of the five most populous states. In the next four largest states, employment gains included the following: New York (+24,700); Florida (+10,100); Illinois (+6,500); and California (+4,000).

A comparison of year-over-year reveals an even wider gap between the level of job creation in Texas versus other large states. Between February 2011 and February 2012, the state of Texas added 273,900 net new jobs. Over the same period, the next four largest states recorded roughly half of that amount of job growth or less-in New York (+141,300); California (+127,300); Florida (+72,300); and Illinois (+32,000).

The data seems to bear out that the Texas model for job creation-low taxes, limited government, and a sound civil justice system-is a model that works well, especially when compared to those in other large states.

*Source: Texas Workforce Commission, Bureau of Labor Statistics

-James Quintero