The Facts

* Becoming a teacher in Texas requires a lengthy certification process that makes it difficult for otherwise qualified individuals to enter the teaching profession.

* Texas’ state salary schedule requires school districts to give annual raises to all instructors in the district based on longevity within the profession.

* Advanced degrees do not correlate with higher student achievement, yet they usually lead to higher pay.

* Educators in Texas are generally granted “term contracts.” However, the state Term Contract Nonrenewal Act has the same effect as teacher tenure provides in other states.

* It is extremely difficult to dismiss ineffective teachers in Texas. Labor laws protect employees at the expense of good teachers, taxpayers, and students.

* Teachers are paid less than market rates due to the monopsony power of school districts.

* Texas teachers in metropolitan areas could earn another $12,000 annually if universal school choice were adopted.


* Lower the barriers to entry for potential teachers by allowing individuals with strong credentials to more easily become teachers.

* Empower local school principals to determine teacher pay by eliminating Texas’ minimum salary schedule which acts as a one-size-fits-all template and inhibits common sense resource allocations to the detriment of good teachers.

* Repeal Chapter 21 of the Texas Education code, which hurts the careers of great teachers by protecting the teachers that are demonstrably poor.

* Enable teachers to take on leadership roles by establishing a Professional Charter Program.

* Enact universal school choice to improve teacher pay and job satisfaction.