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Dear lawmaker,

Since its inception, the current administration has implemented policies that have created an unprecedented crisis along our southern border. Specifically, they repealed the Remain in Mexico policy, halted construction of the border wall, revived the Central American Minors Program, reinstituted the Catch and Release policy, loosened asylum claims, rolled back Title 42, and are enabling mass abuse of the U.S. asylum system. These irresponsible actions have brought on a border crisis that has no end in sight.

There were 977,509 encounters at the border in 2019 and 458,088 encounters at the border in 2020 compared to the 1,679,953 in 2021 from January to October.

Not only has this become a humanitarian and national security crisis, but it is also the perfect storm for criminal organizations to increasingly traffic illicit drugs and humans as well. This crisis has become a top issue for Texans because of the dangers it presents—in fact 80% of Texans say there is a crisis at our border.

I urge you to support all necessary corrective measures to secure our southern border as the core foundation of a sensible immigration system!


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