The Facts

* Texas surface water resources: 191,000 river miles running through 23 river basins, 9 major and 20 minor aquifers, 7 major and 4 minor bays and estuaries, and 2,125 miles of shoreline along the Gulf of Mexico. 

* Most of the state’s existing surface water supply is stored in reservoirs.

* Surface water strategies in the SWP expect to provide 9 million acre-feet per year in additional water supplies. 


* Legally integrate the Regional Water Planning process with the now separate Bay/Basin Environmental Flow process. Assert the priority of human need for water. 

* Establish policy objectives for environmental flow regimes to protect critical flows during drought and minimum standards for scientific rigor.

* Clarify the “Four Corners Provision” (TWC 11.122(b)) that a water right amendment for only a change or addition of use is not subject to an administrative hearing.

* Simplify the requirements for indirect re-use of water in TWC 11.042 and 11.046.

* Articulate policy reinforcing the value of water marketing for efficient and timely implementation of water supply strategies in the SWP. 

* Repeal the junior rights provision relating to interbasin transfers.