A brand-new investigative report is raising serious questions about public employee misconduct, prompting some to ask: What does it take to get fired in the City of Houston?

Source: KHOU-TV

The new KHOU investigation details many examples of taxpayer abuse and unethical behavior. For example, one city employee was discovered to have filled an entire personal swimming pool with city water from a fire hydrant. His punishment? One day paid leave.

Other employees have been caught sleeping on the job, no call/no showing, hiding from their job for hours at a time, and abandoning shelter dogs and cats without food or water for over 24 hours. In all of these cases, most were given paid time off as “consequence” or a probation period, none were fired or suffered pay decrease.

Allowing this pattern of behavior to persist without any meaningful consequence demonstrates a lack of accountability within city government. No public employee should be allowed to run roughshod over taxpayers.