Prudent public policy suggests that taxes ought not to be raised unless a broad consensus exists. After all, why weigh down Texas taxpayers, slowdown the economy, and potentially kill jobs unless there is a clear and immediate need for more revenues?

Ensuring that this kind widespread agreement on taxes exists is critical to the future prosperity of the state, which is why Senate Joint Resolution 27 and House Joint Resolution 83 are so important. 

In short, SJR 27 and HJR 83 would require an affirmative vote of two-thirds of all lawmakers in each house of the Legislature before any state taxes could be raised or created. This simple but important requirement would be a big improvement over the current system, which only requires a simple majority vote to raise taxes.

Considering that taxes affect us all and with so much at stake-jobs, the economy, and Texans’ financial well-being-it is not too much to ask that we set out certain, simple requirements before the Legislature can raise taxes. It’s prudent public policy and the right thing to do.