In the midst of the COVID-19 recession, it is vitally important that public benefits to the unemployed be backed by evidence that they provide families a path to economic independence and not an obstacle to prosperity.

Key points:

  • LEO and TPPF are working together to build evidence on strategies to support low-income Texans with workforce engagement and self-sufficiency. With this partnership, we are starting with the end in mind—creating evidence to be used by policymakers to improve workforce and self-sufficiency outcomes for Texans.
  • It’s not enough to base public policy and social services around hunches or anecdotal success stories. Low-income Texas families deserve interventions that are backed by evidence that they work.
  • We believe that the social service community contains innovations that can show us how to help families escape poverty. We are partnering with five Texas organizations to study the impact of their interventions: Catholic Charities Dallas, Catholic Charities Galveston-Houston, Combined Arms, The Excel Center—Goodwill of Central Texas, Jewish Family Service—Houston.