Progressive policies set the stage for a huge uptick in crime and violence this year, costing many people their property and even their lives.

More from the Daily Mail: “…at least a dozen large mid-tier cities across the country have already broken their annual [murder] records. The grim trend follows national calls to defund police departments, and in some cities, reforms to bail rules that critics claim let dangerous offenders loose pending trial.”

The outbreak of violence even came to Texas. In Lone Star State’s far left capital city, the number of people murdered set a record. “Austin’s murder rate broke the longest-standing record of the dozen cities,” chalking up more murders this year than the city has seen since 1984.

Only time will tell whether the murder rate will abate in Austin and elsewhere; but there’s reason to be optimistic given the passage of a new law punishing cities that defund the police and growing recognition of the left’s policy blunders.

Source: Daily Mail