Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation has announced that Zach Whiting, a former Iowa state senator and public policy expert, has joined the Foundation as Technology Policy Director. Whiting has extensive public policy experience at the federal and state level, working previously for a member of Congress as a Policy Advisor and Legislative Assistant, handling a broad portfolio including judiciary, antitrust, privacy, communications (including ECPA and Section 230), transportation, and right-to-repair issues. Most recently, he served in the Iowa state legislature as Assistant Majority Leader and Chair of the Labor and Business Relations Committee before joining the Foundation.

As Senior Fellow, Whiting will expand TPPF’s research and influence into the technology sphere, developing a conservative approach to technology policy and helping to enact policy, both in Texas and nationwide.

“Technology can connect individuals like never before. However, the (mis)use of technology by bad-faith actors has the power to divide people like never before,” said Greg Sindelar, Executive Director of TPPF. “It is imperative that we work to find a conservative approach to the policy and cultural issues in technology. TPPF is committed to ensuring the dignity, and privacy of all Americans are protected while holding to account the companies who violate their rights.”

“I am thrilled to join TPPF and work to advance conservative principles within the technology sphere,” said Whiting. “Technology policy is a wide-ranging discipline that encompasses issues such as privacy, autonomous vehicles, social media censorship, cryptocurrency, and more. I look forward to engaging policymakers, industry leaders, and other key stakeholders to advance sound public policy in this cutting-edge issue area.”