Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation releases a new video the tells the story of two suburban moms who became education activists to protect kids from out-of-control school board members and other school district officials. In “No Recourse,” Dr. Mary Bone and Danielle Weston recount the events that led them to successfully run for school board and the harassment that followed their efforts to hold public officials accountable and push schools to focus on an academic education and not woke indoctrination.

“Parents across Texas are becoming ‘accidental activists’ after learning that the school system is set up to protect the bureaucracy at the expense of what parents want and what students deserve,” said TPPF’s Mandy Drogin. “They are finding they have no other recourse but to stand up, speak out, protest, and ultimately run for office to change the system. But they can’t do it alone and they can’t do it forever. This courageous group of parents needs immediate support from state legislators to give them the tools they need to force public officials to be transparent, focus on education quality, and give parents the respect they deserve.”

This video is part of a statewide campaign to educate Texans about what’s going on in schools and the reforms that are needed to correct the biggest problems.

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