Today, Retired U.S. Border Patrol Chief and current Distinguished Senior Fellow for Border Security Rodney Scott released the following statement regarding House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s announcement of hearings on the border crisis:

“It’s important that members of Congress and the American people get the full picture of what is going on at the border. By hearing directly from law enforcement officers at the federal state and local level, in addition to other officials and everyday citizens impacted by this border crisis, Congress will get a complete picture of the impact of Biden administration policies on public safety and health along our southern border.

“I am optimistic that the new majority in the House of Representatives will also go on to fulfill its pledge, as stated in its Commitment to America, to pass legislation that will end the catch and release loopholes and non-enforcement policies that have been driving this crisis over the last two years. Make no mistake, reversing course will be no easy task and it is going to require multiple pieces of legislation to fix, but starting with full transparency about the scope of the crisis is the right way to go about it,” Scott concluded.