Today on Capitol Hill, former Chief of Border Patrol and TPPF fellow Rodney Scott did not mince words, laying the blame for the current chaos at the border squarely at the feet of the Biden administration.

“The chaos at our southern border, and the consequences are a result of the actions taken by the Biden administration,” Scott said. “I believe the Secretary [Mayorkas] is derelict in his duty to secure our border. I also believe that the Secretary has likely violated the Impoundment Control Act by illegally redirecting funds meant for border defense to expedite illegal alien processing.”

“The crisis at our border is still raging. Don’t get lulled into believing that 3,500 arrests a day should be cheered,” Scott continued. “Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has recorded over 6,000,000 encounters and 1.4 million known gotaways under the Biden administration.”

“How many human trafficking incidents went undetected because our law enforcement personnel are being instructed to process aliens as fast as they possibly can? When CBP officers are redirected to conduct immigration processing, legal trade and travel suffers. This further disrupts our supply chain and increases the cost of imported goods,” Scott concluded.