Today, Gov. Greg Abbott appointed Texas Public Policy Foundation CEO Kevin Roberts, Ph.D., as Chair of the Texas 1836 Project Advisory Committee. The committee was established by law in June to promote patriotic education and teach the unique history of the Texas founding, as well as its underlying principles and values. Roberts holds a Ph.D. in American history from the University of Texas and has been a lifelong teacher and advocate for civics education.  

“The creation of the Texas 1836 Project Advisory Committee is a tremendous opportunity to raise awareness about Texas’s patriotic and inspirational beginnings,” said Roberts. “It is critical that future generations have a clear understanding of the remarkable bravery and resolve shown by the founders of Texas. They fought to build a society based on individual liberty, justice, and self-determination—values that live on today in each and every Texan, natural-born or recently adopted. The story of Texas includes everyone, and our work on the committee will emphasize that.” 

Roberts added, “Our goal will be to tell the complete and accurate story of Texas’s evolution from wild frontier to global leader, and all the rich and fascinating history in between. I am honored to be appointed by Gov. Abbott to lead the committee and look forward to playing a role in keeping Texas Texan.”