AUSTIN – Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s General Counsel Robert Henneke published the commentary Austin’s Shelter in Place Order is Flawed 

On Tuesday, the City of Austin, Travis County, and Williamson County issued “shelter-in-place” orders 

“The orders represent the worst kind of ‘balance,’” writes Henneke. “It appears restrictive, but for the vast majority of Austin residents, the order is, in fact, toothless. And yet the few restrictions that are enforced are permanently destroying jobs, upending the lives of those unfortunate enough to be targeted, and creating lasting damage. 

“Few portions of the Austin order are actually enforceable due to its ambiguous language, loopholes, and broad exceptions. The problem with an unenforceable law is that it undermines the rule of law,” Henneke added. “Even worse are inconsistent and arbitrary laws. The list of “essential” businesses exceed common sense necessities like grocery stores, and also allows everything from big box retailers to moving companies. Austin orders everyone to stay home, but keeps public transportation running. Austin’s order essentially allows everyone to decide for themselves if they are essential. These inconsistencies are the result of a rush-job.” 

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