The Texas Public Policy Foundation is pleased to announce a significant victory in the Michigan Court of Appeals in a case involving the Percy brothers, who were facing almost half a million dollars in fines from Canton Township for cutting down trees on their own property. This marks the fourth court to strike down the township’s ordinance, with every judge that has examined it concluding that it violates the Constitution.

The township of Canton’s attempts to punish the Percy brothers for exercising their property rights have been a burden on them for years. Despite their consistent losses in court, the township continued to pursue the litigation, causing undue stress and financial hardship for the brothers.

“This victory is a testament to the perseverance of the Percy brothers and the dedication of our legal team at TPPF,” said Chance Weldon, director of litigation at TPPF. “We are thrilled that another court has recognized the unconstitutional nature of Canton Township’s tree ordinance and protected the property rights of the Percy brothers.”

“We hope that this decision will encourage other municipalities to reconsider similar ordinances that infringe upon the fundamental rights of property owners,” said Robert Henneke, general counsel and executive vice president for TPPF. “This ruling affirms that individuals have the right to use and enjoy their property without undue government interference.”

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