A newly released video from the Texas Public Policy Foundation sums up survey research on Hispanic voters across the state, seeking their opinion on a variety of political and policy issues. The results clearly showed a change in the political stances of Hispanic Texans, shifting towards more conservative-leaning beliefs.  

The video explores three areas where Hispanics seem to be most focused, defying dominant media narratives: patriotism, parental rights, and border security.  Over 73 percent of respondents believe that there is a crisis at the U.S. Mexico border, with 51 percent believing that more should be done to secure the border. A strong majority of 89 percent of those polled believe that parents should have access to classroom materials, and a full 78 percent believe that parents should have the right to choose the school that best suits their needs.  

“Despite what the media wants to portray, the polling is clear: Hispanic Texans want a secure border and more educational freedom for their children,” said Brian Phillips, Chief Communications Officer for TPPF. “The data show the left focuses on the wrong issues, and that when they finally focus on issues that matter to Hispanics, they support the wrong solutions. It should be no surprise then that the research shows a major shift.”  

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