Today, TPPF Secure & Sovereign Texas Campaign Director Carine Martinez released the following statement on the DOJ’s threat to sue Texas over its floating barrier deployment:

“Rather than dealing with the humanitarian crisis they created for Texans at their southern border, the federal government is attempting to block Texas from acting to protect the integrity of its borders. Texas must stand firm against the Department of Justice, and the Biden Administration, and continue to take steps to defend its sovereignty.

“The Tenth Amendment explicitly recognized the states as sovereign for any power not delegated to the federal governor nor prohibited to them. As the late Justice Scalia correctly pointed out, there is no clause in the Constitution or law depriving states of ‘the power to exclude from the sovereign’s territory people who have no right to be there.’

“Furthermore, the U.S. Constitution explicitly made an exception to federal war powers to allow states to defend themselves- including their territory and their citizens- against sudden foreign aggression, which is the only way to describe what the Mexican cartels are currently engaging in at our southern border.

“Finally, the Texas Constitution explicitly grants the governor ‘the power to call forth the militia to execute laws of the state … and to repel invasions,’ as Governor Abbott has done under Operation Lone Star and continues to do with the floating barrier deployment.

“Texas does not need federal permission to fulfill its constitutional duty to protect its communities and other American families from Biden Administration incompetence. Gov. Abbott should continue to stand his ground against a government whose main objective is not a secure border.”