The Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Chief Economist Vance Ginn issued the following statement following the passage of two property tax-related constitutional amendments this past week:  

“The passage of both the increase in the homestead exemption and providing property tax relief to seniors and the disabled are helpful in the battle against incredibly high and skyrocketing property taxes in Texas. And there is more to do to provide permanent, substantial relief to homeowners that will help them withstand this high burden along with massive inflation, which has resulted from bad policies out of D.C.”  

“Until property taxes are eliminated, Texas homeowners are essentially renting from the government, facing a property tax burden that’s among the highest in the nation. The Foundation has created the Lower Taxes, Better Texas plan to lower property taxes with the goal of eliminating most of them by 2033 while limiting spending to funding critical services like public safety and education. We look forward to continuing to fight for relief for all Texans so that they have more opportunities to flourish.”  

Please read the Lower Taxes, Texas plan here