The Texas Public Policy Foundation announced its support for Texas Attorney General’s U.S. Supreme Court lawsuit defending the public charge rule. The rule limits entry into the United States from those who are likely to become dependent on government benefits.  

TPPF’s Robert Henneke released the following statement:  

“America cannot be a welfare program for the world. Our assistance programs are already ineffective at moving people out of poverty and serve mostly to get people trapped in it. Piling millions more people into the system is not an answer for our broken immigration policies and will only result in driving this and future generations deeper into debt.”  

In Depth: 

  • Since the late Nineteenth Century, Congress has prohibited immigration by individuals who are likely to become a “public charge.”  
  • In 2019, the Trump Administration adopted a rule defining public charge in a way that accounted for a broader range of government benefits.  
  • By declining to defend, the Biden Administration is avoiding the required administrative process to repeal this rule.