AUSTIN─ As energy costs continue to burden American families, the Biden Administration is pursuing expensive renewable energy goals as part of commitments it made to the Paris Climate Accords. Specifically, the federal government plans to set a Nationally Determined Contribution number, a matter of huge economic significance, pledging an “economywide target of reducing America’s net greenhouse gas emissions by 50-52 percent.”

Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation announced the filing of three lawsuits against the Biden Administration for failing to respond to repeated FOIA requests for documents related to those efforts. The Departments of Commerce, State and Energy must reveal the extent of their involvement in implementing green energy policies that will have a disastrous impact on Americans, and their failure to do so is a clear violation of the Freedom of Information Act.

“Setting a Nationally Determined Contribution Number is an ambitious goal, one that will impact all Americans and their livelihoods. Americans have a right to know how government agencies are coming up with that number and implementing other climate related goals,” said Robert Henneke, executive director and general counsel for TPPF. “The failure of the government to respond at all is a common tactic to hide records for the public view. We are suing to ensure those records see the light of day.”

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