Congressmen Dan Bishop and Chip Roy introduced the Standing Up to the Executive Branch for Immigration Enforcement Act (The SUE for Immigration Enforcement Act), which the Judiciary Committee with mark up today. Following the release of the bill, TPPF’s Joshua Treviño issued the following statement:

“The bill is a direct response to the Supreme Court’s decision in United States v. Texas, in which the Court found that Louisiana and Texas lacked standing to challenge the Biden administration’s failure to enforce certain immigration laws.

“Texas has been at the forefront of the fight against the federal government’s surrender of its duties to protect our borders, triggering an unprecedented crisis. The Texas Public Policy Foundation is grateful to Congressmen Bishop and Roy for reaffirming a state’s constitutional authority to defend itself and stand up to Washington D.C. when it fails to protect Americans.

“If Washington, D.C., really wants to solve the border crisis, then Texans have a solution. Our solution is just five words: get out of our way.

“The federal government, under the direction of the Biden-Harris administration, has unleashed chaos among all Americans by refusing to secure the southern border and refusing to follow United States immigration laws. This legislation grants state attorneys general standing to bring an action against the Secretary of Homeland Security, Secretary of State, or Attorney General for violations of certain immigration laws that harm the State or its residents. It also provides for appropriate injunctive relief and expedites the disposition of such civil actions.

“We applaud the filing of this bill and hope to see all of Congress agree that if a state is harmed through the federal government’s violation of immigration laws, it has the authority to bring legal action against that federal government.”