The Texas Public Policy Foundation’s CEO Kevin Roberts released the following statement on the passing of businessman and philanthropist Foster Friess:

“Foster Friess was a man of faith and a man who put that faith into action. Going back to my days in Wyoming, I have been privileged to call Foster a friend, and to have worked with he and his family on some important endeavors, such as Jackson Hole Classical Academy. I will always remember him as a source of great inspiration to do what is right, for God and for country. Through his philanthropic work, he has made countless lives better. He paid for water wells in Africa, playgrounds in America; he funded ministries and schools and disaster relief. He supported political causes and candidates that felt, as he did, that America is a nation to be proud of, not apologized for. His legacy will live on in his good works and his vision of America as a shining city on a hill. He will be deeply missed”